Is Adoption Right for me?

Adoption may not be what you think it is. At Real Options, we believe adoption is a brave and loving parenting choice. Before you make your decision, consider these questions.

Open- The birth mom and adopting family have some agreed upon personal interaction. Contact between parties is direct, without the agency as the mediary.

Semi-open- the birth mom and adopting family maintain contact with each other after the adoption is finalized, through a third party, like an adoption agency.

Typically letters and pictures may be sent based on an agreed upon schedule.

Closed-the adopting family receives only non-identifying information (medical and social history on each birthparent and their family). No communication or contact is expected. The birth mom may participate in selecting the adoptive family using non-identifying profiles.

When you make an adoption plan for your baby, you are selflessly placing the best interest of your baby before your emotions. Your child can be raised in a home that can provide the things you are not able to at this time. Adoption is a very courageous and responsible choice.

You, as a birth mom, decide what you are looking for in a family, from things like religion, race, and hometown to even things like personality traits. You will receive profile books from perspective adoptive families, and you have the opportunity to choose the parents that are best for your child.

Texas Law allows birth moms 48 hours after the birth to sign the papers that become a legal decision. That means that even if you have created an adoption plan and worked with an adoption agency, you will still have the right to change your mind after the baby is born.

Abortion is not an easy choice. It is final, and you can’t reverse your decision. Over 70% of women who have abortions experience negative feelings afterwards. However, with adoption, you have the freedom to change your mind and choose to be a part of your child’s life.

  • Change their mind and terminate the adoption plan (up until the time that parental relinquishment papers are signed)
  • Choose the adoptive family.
  • Receive paid medical care and travel expenses related to the pregnancy and birth
  • Receive assistance with living expenses before birth (where allowed by law)
  • Receive legal support for decisions
  • Share or restrict personally identifiable information

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