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Real Options has been serving Collin County and North Dallas for over 30 years. Located in Allen, TX, Real Options is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our goal is to empower our clients to make informed choices when facing an unplanned pregnancy or possible STI infection. Pregnancy testing, sonograms, options assessment, community resources and STI screenings are all free and confidential services we offer.

Regardless of your age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation or circumstances, Real Options will provide a warm and safe environment to everyone. We recognize that you are an emotional, physical and spiritual person, and that can influence your decisions today and in the future.

Our Promise to You:

  • We will treat you with the kindness and compassion that you deserve. However, you may leave the clinic whenever you wish.
  • Your story will be listened to with respect and courtesy, and without judgment, ridicule or rejection.
  • You have the right to withhold any information you do not want to share with your patient advocate. All information shared will be held in strict and absolute confidence, except in the rare circumstances when prohibited by law.
  • You will receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, abortion procedures/risks, and related concerns. Real Options, however, does not provide abortions or referrals for abortions.
  • While here, you have the power to direct the conversation and may refuse any unwanted information.
  • You will receive honest and open answers.
  • We will provide you with customized resources that could offer additional assistance.
  • Your personal/medical information will be secure and confidential as stated in the recommendations from HIPAA.

We are here for you.

We're here to help you make an informed choice about your unplanned pregnancy.

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