Abortion Questions and Answers Each situation and personal circumstance is different. However, in order to protect your health, you always need to ask these questions:

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Morning After Pill

What is it? The “morning-after pill”, also known as Plan B®, is a large dose of oral contraceptives. It is a single tablet taken within 72 hours of intercourse. Also, it is NOT the same as the “abortion pill”. How does the morning-after pill work? The morning-after pill or Plan B is meant to act […]

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Is Adoption Right for me? Adoption may not be what you think it is. At Real Options, we believe adoption is a brave and loving parenting choice. Before you make your decision, consider these questions.

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We understand not all relationships continue, and learning to parent separately may be a challenge. However, most children feel more secure with both parents in their life as long as this can be done in a safe environment. If you receive child support, co-parenting is a requirement.

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