Maybe you’re late. Perhaps you forgot to use protection. You thought you’d be okay, but your stomach is in knots figuratively and literally. You’re wondering what to do. Hoping this is all just a bad dream because this was not the time to get pregnant. Maybe you’ve been scouring the internet trying to find advice, or at least somewhere to go to find the help you need. Maybe you are searching if an abortion will impact your future relationship.


Here are a few things we have come to know:


1) Abortion becomes a shared history

Any life event in a couple’s relationship becomes a shared history. From achievements such as graduations, to a promotion, to the loss of a family member, to an unexpected pregnancy. Each momentous event becomes shared. Those memories become tied to the individuals sharing them. So, when facing an unexpected pregnancy, your life and relationship are bound to change. Some relationships change drastically. While others change for a period of time and then go back to a different kind of normal. According to Psychiatrist Philip Sarrel, “Abortion is frequently a negative turning point in a relationship leaving scars which can undermine the future of the couple either together or as individuals.”


2) Abortion introduces grief into the current or future relationship(s)

The other way your relationship could be affected is by the grief of the abortion. In a study by Lloyd and Laurence, “77% of women who terminated a pregnancy due to fetal malformation reported acute grief.” Their research also found that “approximately 30% of college students who had an abortion or had a partner who aborted agreed or strongly agreed with the following statement: “I sometimes experience a sense of longing for the aborted fetus.” Dealing with grief (whether your own or your partners) is hard to navigate.

Your emotions are unpredictable. You have triggers that can set you off. Sometimes you want more time alone or vice versa. Grief is not impossible, but it can be extremely challenging and straining to the relationship. Without allowing you or your partner sufficient opportunity to grieve a fetus lost through abortion, problems in relationships with partners may develop. It is not uncommon for marriages to fall apart after losing a child. The same can happen after an abortion.


3) Talking to someone before choosing abortion or even after choosing abortion can help significantly

Or, if you have already experienced an abortion, Real Options offers that support as well.  We can provide free one-on-one professional counseling, a grief support group led by a licensed professional counselor, or a 10-week intensive support group. We want you to know your options so you can make the best choice for you and your future. Or, if you have already experienced an abortion and would like to see a counselor, we offer that support.


The best part about Real Options is whether you want to confirm your pregnancy with a test or an ultrasound, or you want to speak to a counselor, ALL of our services are free! We know what you’re facing is already hard enough; adding a financial burden will only cause more stress. That’s why we have incredible donors who care about you and your well-being, covering the costs of your appointment. So, why not schedule an appointment? Or you can call/text us at 972.440.0167.

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