An unplanned pregnancy can come with a slew of emotions. Some women want to keep that a secret. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a private women’s center. Women from Allen, Texas, and beyond, come to us seeking abortion information. Many just want to know what their options are. Big-name chains don’t always mean the best service. Sometimes the opposite is true. The bigger the name, the worse the service is (minus Amazon!). It’s evident to us that women want better services and deserve better service. We whole heartily agree. As a private women’s center in Allen, Texas, we want you to know why we stick out above the competition.



Yep, you read that correctly, 100% FREE SERVICES! Our women’s center services include pregnancy tests, sonograms, STI screenings, options assessment, and professional counseling! How can these services be free? We are glad you asked! Because, we are a non-profit health clinic, supported by the community. When you walk into our clinic, you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your community is standing behind you. You are not alone. I don’t think the big-named chain women’s clinic can say that! In addition to these free services, you have the freedom to make decisions that are free of the financial burden. Also, know, we do not profit off any choice that you make, so you will not feel forced into anything. We genuinely want what’s best for you!



Life is busy! There are so many things to do on any given day. So, when you need to get an appointment, it can be terribly frustrating to have to wait for weeks to get one. We know! That’s why we have same-day appointment availability! Many women’s clinics don’t have the capacity for same-day appointments because they double book their patients. And, they operate in a business capacity. More bang for their buck, meaning, they maximize their staff’s time while often sacrificing yours. We understand that when you’re considering an abortion or an unplanned pregnancy in general, timing is everything.



NO ONE wants to wait for hours in a waiting room. Especially a 3 HOURS wait! Yep, it’s been known to happen, but not in our center! We want to optimize your time, and we can’t do that by having you wait. Plus, sometimes, just getting to the center is all you can do. It can be so uncomfortable to have to wait in a crowded room. Worrying that you might run into someone else you might know and have to explain yourself. We get it. Your unplanned pregnancy situation is a private one and should be handled as such. We want to tell you precisely what you can expect! We check you in quickly and escort you back to a private room where you’ll meet a trained peer counselor and a medical professional. If you find that you need further help, such as counseling, we make that available to you as well! Not to mention while your waiting we have a free coffee bar available in the waiting room!

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Real Options offers the care you deserve! You need the absolute very best when facing such a life-changing event. We also want you to know that we do not profit from any decision you make. I don’t think the big-name chain women’s clinics can promise that either! See why we think we are the best and can offer YOU the best? We have your best interest in mind. Why not schedule an appointment today?

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We're here to help you make an informed choice about your unplanned pregnancy.

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