What are my Abortion options?


There may be several reasons you’re looking for abortion options. You’re not ready. You’re not in a good relationship. You don’t have a steady job. You’re at the peak of school or your career. You may be feeling conflicting emotions, making it hard to figure out what to do. We wanted to help explain some abortion options and talk about what your next steps should be.



First trimester conception to 12 weeks:

  • medical abortion
  • vacuum aspiration



Medical abortion

A medical abortion requires a woman to take pills at separate times. The two medications are mifepristone, which stops the pregnancy from progressing, and misoprostol, which empties the uterus.


A medical professional will advise about the timing, but a woman should take misoprostol no more than 48 hours after taking mifepristone. Within four to five hours of taking the second pill, the abortion should be complete, but bleeding may continue for several days.


Cost: Between $300 and $800.


Vacuum aspiration

Vacuum aspiration is a type of surgical abortion, most common after ten weeks, involving suction to end a pregnancy.


First, a doctor begins the vacuum aspiration procedure by inserting a speculum into the woman’s vagina. Then applying medication or using an injection to numb the area. Next, the use of thin rods called dilators will open the cervix, a tube will be inserted into the uterus. Then, a manual or mechanical suction device is used to empty the uterus.


Cost: Between $600 and $1,000.


Second trimester 13-24 weeks:

  • dilation and evacuation
  • labor induction abortion


Dilation and evacuation

General anesthetic will be administered before performing a dilation and evacuation (D&E). This type of anesthetic ensures that a woman does not feel anything during the procedure.


The doctor begins by inserting a speculum into the woman’s vagina. Then, the use of dilators will open the cervix in order to remove the pregnancy tissue with small forceps. Finally, they use suction to remove any remaining tissue.


Cost: Approximately $1,500



Labor induction abortion

Labor induction abortion is a late-term method of ending a pregnancy in the second or third trimester and is sometimes recommended if a woman’s life is in danger.


When you use medications to start labor it is called Labor induction. This causes the uterus to empty for approximately 12–24 hours. A woman can take these medications by mouth, or the doctor may place them into the vagina, or inject them into the uterus. Doctors usually administer pain relief medication or a local anesthetic, as intense cramping occurs during this type of abortion.


Cost: Approximately $3,000



What should I do first?! 

Great question. The first step is always to confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test accompanied by an ultrasound. Most women do not know that as many as half of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Many women come to a clinic and learn that their pregnancy isn’t viable, meaning they don’t need to pay for an abortion. That’s why we encourage all of our patients to schedule an appointment. We can talk through all your options and ALL of our services are free and confidential. So, take your next best step, before you decide and make an appointment today!

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