If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, it can feel like you’re hiking Angel’s Landing. Angel’s Landing, which some call the scariest hike in America, has drop-offs on both sides. This physical place can represent the emotional place you find yourself in when facing an unexpected pregnancy. If you keep your pregnancy, your life can feel like it’s over. If you terminate your pregnancy, it may be a struggle to move on with your life.


This blog is for you. Our goal is to help you gain some clarity for your pregnancy. Here are some tips for you:


1. Don’t rush.

It’s tempting to rush into a solution. However, in a situation like an unexpected pregnancy, you could easily make a decision you’ll regret. If you take the time to explore all your options and then decide, you will have confidence knowing you took the time to make a good decision. Remember, you usually have more time than you think. Never settle for low-quality care by going to a clinic that views you like a number and pressures you into a decision so they can hurry to the next patient. You deserve better than that.


2. Find a pressure-free space.

Finding a safe place to discuss your thoughts, feelings, and emotions is essential when facing an unexpected pregnancy. You need someone who is not putting pressure on you. Sometimes, well-meaning friends and family can make you feel uncomfortable when they have a strong opinion on the matter. Therefore, it’s vital to find a place to share what is on your mind without judgment.


3. Know the facts.

Speak to a licensed medical professional about the facts in regards to pregnancy and abortion. In addition to this, getting a medical grade pregnancy test and a sonogram to determine gestational age and viability of your pregnancy is imperative to making an informed decision. Additionally, receiving STI testing and treatment if needed is crucial to ensure you make a safe decision for your health.


4. Face your situation head-on.

You probably have a list of questions like “Am I really pregnant?” “How far along am I?” “What can I find an abortion in Allen, Texas?” “Should I treat an STI before or after an abortion?” At Real Options, you can face all your questions head-on. You ask. We answer. We inform. You decide.


After you’ve confirmed your pregnancy with a medical grade pregnancy test and a sonogram, we strongly suggest getting an STI screen before making a pregnancy decision.


At Real Options, we promise to offer you a safe place to discuss your pregnancy options. It’s not easy to know what to do when facing an unexpected pregnancy. However, there is a choice that will fit you best. So, don’t wait any longer. Make an appointment today!

We are here for you.

We're here to help you make an informed choice about your unplanned pregnancy.

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