Spring is here, and wow we couldn’t be more excited! We are really hoping that the spring weather continues to stay and we don’t get any of the cold and nasty that we received this winter – wow that was a wild one. Nonetheless, we are beyond thrilled to be on this side of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.


Since we are so excited to have arrived at this wonderfully pleasant season, we figured some tips and tricks to keep us moving forward and on track would be highly appropriate. Here are some essential spring cleaning tips:


  1. Make sure you have the right cleaning supplies. Nothing is more frustrating than finally working up the courage to get the cleaning done and finding out you don’t have the right supplies. If you plan to deep clean and scrub the floors, do you have the mop and cleaning solution that you need? If you have hardwood, versus tile, you might need a special cleaner. Pro tip, we found this hardwood mop, and wow has it made cleaning a breeze at our house! Especially if you have a dog. It’s no secret that spring is known for its rainy weather – and we all know that ran and dog paws don’t allow clean floors.
      1. a. A second commonly cleaned surface during this season is your windows! We find that Windex works great, but really any vinegar substance will do the trick!

    i. If you don’t have Windex, a spray bottle made up of 50% vinegar and 50% tap water will do the trick!

  2. Wash the sheets! All of the bedrooms in the house, take the sheets off the bed and wash them up. Not sure about you all, but that is an instant mood booster around our house. If you wash the sheets, when you get to crawl into clean smelling, fresh feeling sheets at the end of the day… we would argue it doesn’t get better! This is also such a small chore that you can do in the background while you are scrubbing windows, cleaning the floors, etc.
  3. Check your fire alarms/carbon monoxide alarms. It’s often advised to check your fire alarms when the time changes. So, if you just did that at the beginning of March, you can skip this and you’re set. However, if you didn’t, make sure you take it upon yourself to test the alarms and make sure they have batteries, etc. These things are literal life savers, make sure they’re equipped to help you!
  4. Clean the microwave. We have a pro tip for you: but a glass of water in the microwave for 5-10 minutes. Fill the cup ab ¾ of the way up. The goal is to have that glass boil and bubble over, meanwhile creating steam and making the interior surface of the microwave easily wipeable. By moistening the walls and ceiling that may have leftover food stuck to them, you’re setting yourself up for saved time and less scrubbing. It works – try it!!
  5. Clean your washing machine. This is one that many people either don’t know, or often forget. Between every so many loads of laundry, it’s recommended that you wash your washing machine to keep dirt and grime away. It’s easy though! Just buy the tablets, we use these, throw them into the wash, run a cycle, then wipe your tub out. The instructions are on the box, but it’s super simple and will keep your appliances like new + your clothes fresh!


We hope these tips help you keep it fresh this spring!

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