If your wife, girlfriend, partner, or your one-night fling told you she’s pregnant— it can be frightening. Maybe you’re wondering what to do, or perhaps you’re still in shock and have no clue where to start. Is it her choice? Or do you have a say in it? An unplanned pregnancy can leave men feeling uncertain because men are wired to provide and protect. So, how do you do that in the face of an unplanned pregnancy? If you’re wondering what your first steps should be, just know we are here for you. Things to keep in mind

  • She didn’t get pregnant alone, so your help is important. The first thing you can do is remind her that she is not alone, and neither areyou! Men play an essential role in deciding whether or not to parent a child. Therefore, it is imperative that you are present and supportive, especially in the first days and weeks of her pregnancy. You can protect her emotions and provide support. However, she will have the final say whether this pregnancy will continue. Just remember, though, your input matters.
  • Learning what your role and responsibility are is crucial. How do you learn? Why not talk to another man who has been through what you’re facing? Talking to someone who has navigated this before will go a long way in helping you know what your role and responsibilities are regarding this pregnancy. We have trained male patient advocates here to help you.
  • Understanding your options. Your significant other might not be aware that she has options regarding her pregnancy. So, research and talk to someone about your options so you can share them with your significant other. If you’re wondering who you can talk to — that is what we are for.
  • Encourage her to confirm her pregnancy before making any decision. Even if she had a positive result at home, she should still come in for a free medical quality test at Real Options. Why? Because our pregnancy tests detect the hCG hormone in pregnant women sooner and with 99% accuracy.

Once she receives a positive pregnancy test result in our clinic, she will be evaluated for a sonogram. A registered nurse will perform the sonogram, and our OB-GYN Medical Director will review it. This will help us rule out an ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal and a miscarriage. You will also need to know how far along she is to know all your options. Where can you go? Come to Real Options? We have trained male patient advocates to educate, inform, and offer support to you as a man. Remember, you are not alone in this! Don’t wait. Schedule your appointment today!

We are here for you.

We're here to help you make an informed choice about your unplanned pregnancy.

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