Free Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are designed to detect a specific hormone in your body that is released when you are pregnant. Real Options provides free pregnancy tests. Our Pregnancy Tests are lab-quality with 99 percent accuracy.

Options Counseling

Our options counseling gives you the opportunity to sit down with a patient advocate to consider your pregnancy options and receive clear and thoughtful education about pregnancy, abortion, and alternatives to abortion. We want to help you move towards a positive decision with clarity and strength.

If you are thinking of pregnancy termination, there are abortion facts you should know. At Real Options you will have a consultation with a medical professional who can answer questions and provide accurate medical information about the different abortion procedures and possible risks.


If you receive a positive pregnancy test at Real Options, you may be offered a sonogram. All sonograms are at the nurse’s discretion in order to ensure the best possible care for our patients.

If you are considering abortion, a sonogram will provide valuable information. The type of abortion and cost of the procedure is determined by how far along you are. A sonogram will inform you what options are available to you. Sonograms are provided as medically indicated.

STI Screening

1 in 4 people are infected with an STI so testing is vital to your sexual health. Since many STIs do not have symptoms some women are unaware they are infected.

If you are considering pregnancy termination, STI screening is extremely important because during an abortion an STI can be spread into the uterus causing further complications.

Real Options offers free STI screenings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We will screen for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

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