If you’ve had an abortion, we’re here for you!

Immediately after an abortion decision, many women report a sense of relief. They are often surprised to find that abortion can be a traumatic experience, and that in some cases “post abortion stress” symptoms don’t appear until many years later.

Some symptoms of PAS are:

  • Recurring thoughts about the abortion
  • Feelings of regret, guilt, loss, anxiety
  • Crying episodes
  • Disinterest in sex
  • Depression around the anniversary of the abortion or due date

This is in no way a comprehensive list of PAS symptoms and we recognize that not every woman who has an abortion will experience them. However, for those that do, Real Options is here to help.


To talk to someone about issues from a past abortion, please call Sara at 972.335.2353. This is a confidential and private phone line. Your identity is safe with us.

We are here for you.

We're here to help you make an informed choice about your unplanned pregnancy.

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