We have all been at home for quite a bit of 2020 thus far. And home definitely has its ups and downs. Especially when it comes to food choices! And, there are a couple of different paths that you can go down during this time – unhealthy or the healthier route. Let’s make a better choice!

We aren’t here to tell you that you have to eat kale for every meal, or that you need to start a strict diet. We are just here to assist you in making slight tweaks to some meal choices to stay on the healthier side during this quarantine time. If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that our health is very important, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. At Real Options, we are here for you and care about your situation!

Here are 5 healthy snack options, that still taste quite delicious!

1. Apple, peanut butter, and dark chocolate. You guessed it a better choice! The apple is the healthiest part of this treat, but you’re still getting a fruit serving in, so go ahead and add the peanut butter and a small amount of dark chocolate and enjoy! Pro tip: melt the peanut butter and dark chocolate together and either dip the apple in the melted goodness or drizzle it on top of the cut-up apple.

2. Carrots and hummus. Have you ever had hummus? It’s quite delicious and you can get all kinds of flavors! Garlic, plain, sweet peas, etc. Grab some carrots, or really any veggie, and dive in! It’s delicious and a better choice than ranch or heavy veggie dips.

3. Greek yogurt and mixed berries. Fruit is delicious and so sweet! Summertime is the perfect time to throw some fresh fruits into a bowl of Greek yogurt.

4. Peppers and guacamole. Instead of chips with your guacamole, a good healthier alternative would be peppers. Red, green, yellow… you choose! Either way, it’ll be a tasty and healthy treat.

5. Nuts and cheese. Whether it be trail mix or any assortment of nuts, you are sure to get a great serving of protein in! Another great addition to this great snack is cubes of cheese. Come on… who doesn’t LOVE cheese?! (Add some dairy to your protein snack)

We hope you’ll enjoy these better choices and clever ways to sneak in some fruits and veggies throughout your time at home. Maybe you’ll even turn some of the snacks into some healthy alternatives that you regularly have lying around your house – may be a family favorite or a new pantry staple! We really hope you’ll enjoy it!

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