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Maybe you thought you could go forward with this pregnancy but then things changed for you. Things like: loss of income or housing, ending of a relationship, pressure from others, fear of the unknown or possible fetal abnormality. When you are already struggling with any or many of those potential factors, it’s difficult to clear away the fog and make a decision. Added confusion is thrown in the mix if you begin the search for a late-term abortion clinic who can provide you those services in Allen, Texas. To help you you’ve listed some common questions about Late-Term Abortion and where you can find help.


What is considered as Late-Term Abortion?

Late-term abortion is after 24 weeks or in the second or third trimester.


What takes place during a Late-Term Abortion?

Late-Term Abortion is also known as a Labor induction abortionA Labor induction abortion is a late-term method of ending a pregnancy in the second or third trimester. This type of abortion is rare, and a doctor may recommend it if a woman’s life is in danger.


Labor induction involves using medications to bring about labor. This causes the uterus to empty over a period of around 12–24 hours. A woman can take these medications by mouth, or the doctor may place them into the vagina, or inject them into the uterus. Doctors typically administer pain relief medication or a local anesthetic. Intense cramping occurs during this type of abortion. Bleeding and elevated hormones will also be a side effect of this procedure.


Abortion is rare during the third trimester, but a doctor may perform it after 29 weeks of pregnancy if a woman’s life is in danger. Keep in mind, they may use the same methods that are used during the second trimester.


What is the Cost of a Late-Term Abortion?

According to Clear Health Cost, the cost of an abortion, in Dallas, at 21 weeks is a minimum of $4,000. However, after 21 weeks the prices could be upwards of $5,000 or more. Advisably, that cost is not all-inclusive as it does not take into consideration possible travel costs, lost wages, pain medication, and supplies.


What Should I Do Next?

Maybe you are considering a Late-Term Abortion because you believe it is best for your mental and physical well-being. You also may be concerned about the cost, or have more questions about the abortion procedure. Keeping a clear head is key when making any decision regarding your future. You may be feeling enormous stress. It may be hard to figure out the next steps in your planning process. We get it. Life is not easy. Decisions are hard. The important thing to have before making the decision is to have all the facts and information you need.

Real Options is a place that will help you find all the abortion information you need when considering a late-term abortion while also giving you the space of a pressure-free zone to process all of the details given. Our staff consists of licensed and experienced medical professionals. Real Options is a safe, unbiased, non-judgmental, confidential facility that will help you consider abortion options at any stage of your pregnancy.

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