Finally! The fall weather we have all wanted is starting to arrive. With fall-like weather and the season we all love comes lots of unhealthy treats and beverages that aren’t always so “welcoming” to our bodies. Whether it’s a pumpkin-spice latte, eggnog, or anything delicious and full of sugar, we want to be here to support you through the season. Here are four tips to enjoying this season and all of its yumminess, but also not adding on the fall fifteen!


  1. Get some extra steps. When in doubt, just walk! I know we sometimes roll our eyes and growl under our breath when we go somewhere, and we have to park a mile away. Mind shift… park far away on purpose! Get some extra steps in and walk a little more than you might normally do. Another idea, take the stairs instead of the elevator. These small choices will go a long way when you are about to indulge in that Starbucks latte or sugary pumpkin treat. No, you won’t be able to “burn off all of the calories,” but something is seriously better than nothing!
  2. Let yourself enjoy, but maybe not every day. Make it a treat! If you let yourself have a treat every single day, is it really enjoyable? Look forward to it, but don’t overindulge. Allow yourself to get the yummy calorie-filled scone or donut one morning for a treat, but stick to “regular programming” and your normal, well-balanced breakfast the other days of the week. If you sprinkle in the treats for special times, you will save money and look forward to the deliciousness.
  3. Try to mix in light exercise throughout the week. Exercise is important throughout the year, but as the seasons change and we enter into the holiday months, really try to make it a habit to move your body to some extent several times a week. It’s recommended to get 30 minutes a day, but start small with just a couple of days a week. We are sure that you will feel good after moving your body, that you will look forward to doing it more often.


Schedules are hectic, everyone loves sugar, and it’s hard to find time to get hardcore workouts daily. However, we take your health seriously, and we want you to feel and look your best. While enjoying the new season and the holidays as they approach, try to enjoy them without indulging! You can do it!

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