Looking for a Late-Term Abortion in Allen, Texas?

Looking for a Late-Term Abortion in Allen, Texas?   Maybe you thought you could go forward with this pregnancy but then things changed for you. Things like: loss of income or housing, ending of a relationship, pressure from others, fear of the unknown or possible fetal abnormality. When you are already struggling with any or […]

The Most Common Types of Abortions and When They Can Be Done

We want to keep you informed. In 2019, there approximately 50 million abortions took place worldwide. Approximately 850,000 of those were in the United States. So, what kinds of abortions are there and when can they be performed? Below is a list of some of the common types of abortions. First-trimester options: Conception to week […]

Thinking About Living Together?

Are you thinking about living together with someone you’re dating? Whether you have been dating this person for weeks, months or years, this is a huge decision! There are many assumptions men and women make about living together. I was this woman! I decided for myself that moving in with the man I loved would […]

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