5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

“Staying in”… sure is the continued theme, huh? 2020 has come and gone, and now that 2021 is here, we are still highly encouraged to stay in to stay healthy. So, while staying in, we wanted to give you some ideas of how to make it a special Valentine’s Day instead of having a night […]

What Are My Abortion Options

What are my Abortion options?   There may be several reasons you’re looking for abortion options. You’re not ready. You’re not in a good relationship. You don’t have a steady job. You’re at the peak of school or your career. You may be feeling conflicting emotions, making it hard to figure out what to do. […]

Abortion Pill – What to expect before, during, and after

Pregnant? Or think you are pregnant? Are you wondering what to do next and what to expect? It’s good you’re looking to find out. Figuring out what to do with an unexpected pregnancy is hard and should be handled with time, consideration, and care.   What should you do before First, you should confirm you […]

My Friend is Pregnant and considering abortion. What Can I Do?

You want to be a good friend, but you are not sure what to do when your friend tells you she is pregnant and considering abortion. Maybe your feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe you’ve never experienced this, or it hits too close to home. What can you do? We are glad you asked. OFFER SUPPORT: “A […]

Scared your pregnant?! Here are the early signs of pregnancy!

If you’re sexually active, it is good to know the signs of early pregnancy. So, if and when the time comes, you will know the signs. Early signs of pregnancy: First Sign: a missed period. If you’re not under a lot of stress, are sexually active, and your period is more than a week late, […]

Will Abortion Impact My Current or Future Relationship?

Maybe you’re late. Perhaps you forgot to use protection. You thought you’d be okay, but your stomach is in knots figuratively and literally. You’re wondering what to do. Hoping this is all just a bad dream because this was not the time to get pregnant. Maybe you’ve been scouring the internet trying to find advice, […]

Let’s Talk About Abortion. Need Advice?

Why is it that abortion seems to be a taboo topic? Yet, 1 in 4 women has an abortion. For something so common, many women never tell a soul that they have experienced an abortion. And, it’s not just women your age. There are women well into their 70s carrying the secret of their abortion. […]

Why We Are the Best Private Women’s Center in Allen, Texas!

An unplanned pregnancy can come with a slew of emotions. Some women want to keep that a secret. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a private women’s center. Women from Allen, Texas, and beyond, come to us seeking abortion information. Many just want to know what their options are. Big-name chains don’t always mean […]

Make the Better Choice!

We have all been at home for quite a bit of 2020 thus far. And home definitely has its ups and downs. Especially when it comes to food choices! And, there are a couple of different paths that you can go down during this time – unhealthy or the healthier route. Let’s make a better […]

How could an STD get in the way of my abortion?

Maybe you are contemplating abortion. Maybe you feel like you are not ready to be a mom, or the timing isn’t right, or the partner isn’t right for you. Or, maybe, you just lost your job. How could an untreated STD get in the way of getting an abortion? Good question. Thanks for asking! According […]

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