Abortion Safety Checklist

About the doctor
Is the doctor a licensed physician and board-certified OBGYN? What is the doctor’s rating at www.healthgrade.com? Does the doctor have admitting privileges at my local hospital in case of complications? These are things you need to know so your abortion safety is the top priority.

About the cost
Can I change my mind at any time and get a full refund? Is there a charge for a sonogram in case of a miscarriage?

What to expect before the abortion
Does the clinic provide STD screening and treatment before the abortion procedure? Will I get a blood test for the RH factor? If so, will I be treated if I am RH negative?

What to expect as part of the abortion
What is the clinic’s complication rate? Will pain medication be provided and if so what type? What are the additional costs? These are important things you need to know to protect yourself when considering your options.

What to expect after the abortion
Does the clinic provide a reversal if you change your mind after the first dose of the abortion pill? What follow-up care is provided and what is the additional cost?

Your Rights
1. Only you can decide whether or not to have an abortion.
2. You have a right to look at printed information that explains fetal development and the abortion procedure and risks.
3. The father of your baby is required to help support your child, even if he wants you to have an abortion.
4. A sonogram is required for you to have prior to the abortion.
5. You have the right to change your mind about the procedure even while at the clinic.
6. If you are a minor, 17 years or younger, you must have the consent of your parent, managing conservator or legal guardian, or a court order to have an abortion, unless you have a life-threatening medical emergency certified by a physician.

We want you to be able to go over this abortion safety checklist so you have the confidence you need to make an educated decision. Real Options is available to provide an options assessment and a free sonogram. Visit www.realoptionstx.com/schedule-appointment or call (972)440-0167 to schedule an appointment.

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